MathX iMessage App

MathX iMessage app lets you make calculations and gives access to your history without having to leave the Messages app.

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All-New Keyboard

MathX iMessage App includes our all-new keyboard. It's packed with smart and alternative keys to make it easier to write mathematical expressions. This new keyboard allows you to turn it into a trackpad on iPad and 3D Touch devices.

Haptic Feedback

MathX iMessage app take full advantage of the Taptic Engine. You'll get a tap when you slide your finger over each alternative key. Press the keyboard and you'll get a double tap (even on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus). And you can enable Haptic Feedback when typing in Settings.

Designed for iOS

Designed exclusively for iOS, MathX iMessage App takes full advantage of the latest iOS features and technologies.

Keyboard Shortcuts

In the expanded mode, use simple keyboard shortcuts for many common tasks. Download the cheat sheet.

3D Touch

Press the keyboard until it turns light gray. Move the cursor by dragging around the keyboard. Without lifting your finger, press a little deeper to select a word.


iCloud support lets you easily access all of your history on any device you want.

Swift 3

MathX iMessage app is built from the ground up with Swift 3.


Available from the App Store for $1.99