MathX becomes a Scientific Graphing Calculator

We are incredibly excited to launch our first major update to MathX. MathX 1.1 brings Graphical Representation on iPhone. Type a function with a smart keyboard (syntax coloring, autocompletion) and MathX will plot you its graph. You can compare up to seven different functions simultaneously on the same graph.

Graphical Representation can be used from other apps through the x-callback-url protocol (see more about MathX URL Scheme). Here's a simple workflow which allows you to plot a graph for a given function from Launch Center Pro.

Sharing functions have been improved. Answers and detailed explanations can be saved to Evernote as plain text with auto-title and smart tags. We have also added three new sharing functions:

  • Export as PDF
  • Export as TXT
  • Print as plain text

MathX 1.1 also includes a number of improvements for Quadratic Equation, Cubic Equation and others.This new update to MathX is available as a free update on the App Store!


22 May 2014