MathX 2.1 is available

We are thrilled to release MathX 2.1 today, which adds support for iOS 9, iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, and also brings new features. This free update is available on the App Store.

Back to the iPhone

When we released MathX 2.0 late this year, we introduced a brand-new user interface on the iPad. Today, we bring the iPad-style interface to the iPhone. We’ve optimized MathX so that it looks great on iPhones and takes advantage of iPhone 6(s) Plus's larger screen.

MathX 2.1 also includes nice features for the new iPhone 6s with 3D Touch. You can now press MathX icon to quickly launch operation. Or, in the history, press a calculation to peek, then slide up to see actions.

Quick Actions and Peek and Pop

iOS 9 support

MathX 2.1 brings full compatibility and great new features for iOS 9 - including iPad's new multitasking, keyboard shortcuts, and Siri "Remind me about this".


With iOS 9, Apple introduced new features that take the iPad to the next level. Slide Over and Split View allow you to have two apps on-screen at the same time. These two new modes are great for working through MathX.

iPad Multitasking

Currently, the only way to share content between apps is to use the Clipboard. So we added a shortcut bar in the Standard Calculator to quickly access Clipboard content.

Another new iPad only feature in iOS 9 is the ability to turn the iPad keyboard into a trackpad. This feature wasn't available until today, because we don't use the standard iOS keyboard. MatX 2.1 now lets you control the cursor on your iPad like the Apple keyboard.

Easy Text Selection

Spotlight Search

MathX 2.1 takes full advantage of the new iOS 9 Spotlight integration by indexing operations. You can now search for and launch operation from search result.

New Features

Along with new features for iOS 9, this update also brings some great new enhancements to MathX.

First, we improved the Standard Calculator with a really cool new feature. You can now define variable and it's really simple to use - type an uppercase letter, set an expression, then save!

Then, we added History. It keeps track of all calculations that MathX performs.

MathX 2.1 also includes a number of improvements, support for Handoff, new localizations, and others. It's a huge update and we hope you’ll like it.


10 December 2015